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Bautista: "We have taken a big step forward"

Friday, 2 March 2012

After two days of inclement weather, conditions finally held out on the third and final day of testing at Sepang, allowing the teams to work without interruption.

Team San Carlo Honda Gresini rider Alvaro Bautista worked intensely despite a minor crash this morning in turn eight. The rider and crew are heading home feeling satisfied and confident before returning to duty at Jerez from 23 to 25 March for the final Test of the 2012 preseason.

Alvaro Bautista:
“I am satisfied because we were finally able to get a full day under our belt after being here for two days already and only managing to get out on track for the first morning. Obviously it was a tough day, because we had to pack everything in, so we started out first thing this morning and only took a short break at the hottest part of the day. We worked mainly on adapting to the 1000cc bike and even though I was tired by the end of the day, I was satisfied with our progress. Unfortunately I made a mistake on my first lap of one run when the tyres were still not up to temperature and ran wide onto the astroturf and then had a small crash. Luckily I wasn't hurt and we were able to continue working on the other bike, mainly with suspension settings, and putting together a decent rhythm. I am happy though because we have taken a big step forward and closed the gap to the top guys. We know we still have a long way to go but I am confident because the relationship with the team is great and I know we will make more progress in the next test at Jerez.”
Fausto Gresini:
“This has been an important test for us because Alvaro needed a lot of laps on the RC213V to get confident with the bike and above all learn the methods required to work on a Honda, which is different to what he was riding last year. He also needs more time on the 1000cc bike because he hasn’t had as many opportunities to ride as some of the other riders. We had some technical suspension updates to test, which we are pleased with, but we also need time and information to get the best out of them. Overall, it’s been a positive test because Alvaro knows that he can set a better lap time and he has improved since the last test, closing the gap to the fastest guys. It’s a shame about the crash because it set him back a little, but we are optimistic about the future.”

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